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Redfield Hoodie - Available to buy now!

Resident Evil 6 Range

Price: £35-40

When the going gets tough, the tough get stylish… so are you ready to be part of Team Redfield?

Whatever the mission, whatever the continent, one man is ready to rumble and make zombies a thing of the past. This sleek, simple and 100% official army-style hoodie lets you represent the number one name in zombie elimination.

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so i’ve decided to do a giveaway!
what will you win, you ask?

FIRST PLACE will get anything in the bioware store up to $65, not including shipping

SECOND PLACE will get anything in the bioware store up to $25, not including shipping

THIRD PLACE will get a $10 bioware store gift certificate that you can put toward a future purchase

rules and stuff:

  • one like and one reblog per person! tumblr is kind of dumb when it comes to note-counting anyway so it probably won’t do you any good to reblog/like more than once anyway
  • i will ship internationally!
  • you should be comfortable giving me your shipping address, obviously
  • please keep your ask box open! tumblr eats messages a lot so you’ll have 48 hours to respond to my message from the end of the giveaway, and i’ll message you a couple of times during that time period
  • i’ll be selecting the winners through a random number generator
  • this giveaway ends on august 9, 2012